Expat Medical Centre Amsterdam is founded as part of the service created to facilitate medical care to tourists and expatriates in the Netherlands.

After his general practice training in both the Netherlands and the UK, doctor Cambridge noticed a big demand for proper medical care for tourists and expatriates in the Netherlands.

Besides locum work in both countries, he created a medical service for tourists in Amsterdam.

Soon this service was grossly demanded by expatiates who could not find their way in or agree with the Dutch medical system.

To optimize the service a group of dedicated internationally orientated health professionals was recruited to join the Expat Medical Centre.

Expat Medical Centre Amsterdam now offers the full range of Primary care, and access to all specialistic medical treatments in the Netherlands.

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Contact information
Expat Medical Centre
Bloemgracht 112
1015 TN Amsterdam
Tel. 020-4275011
Email: doctor@planet.nl
From April 2013 also in Amstelveen

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